• Aditi Dinakar

    Yep – thats me…

About Me

My name is Aditi Dinakar. I am based in Chelmsford, MA, USA.  I am a self-taught freelance photographer. I was exposed to photography 10 years back and it has been my passion ever since. In 2012, something flashed to me, and I decided to zoom I a little more and focus photography as my profession. I am glad that I clicked. My experience and expertise lies mainly in portrait candid photography and lifestyle photography.My other photography area of interest are water droplets, macro, wildlife, handheld long exposures and lifestyle photography. Thus, photography has majorly framed my career well thus far.Apart from photography, I am a resin artist, I also love to paint, sketch, calligraphy and un-shutter the artistic bounds and wide-angle my creative horizon